Why “Trauma-Related” Weight Gain?

 Sigrid de Castella is “Half The Woman I Was”. But it wasn’t always that way … As a victim of child-sexual abuse at age 6, Sigrid  stacked on a massive amount of weight in an effort to ‘protect’ herself from further abuse, suppressing the memories for over 20 years.
Years of unsuccessful and yo-yo dieting made no difference to her weight … in fact things just continued to get worse. When she finally realised the unresolved trauma she’d suffered at the hands of a friend of the family was what was keeping her fat, she weighed in at over 143kg (316lbs). It was time for change … a change that would see her shed over 70kg (154lbs) naturally, safely, and without ‘dieting’ or surgery.
Sigrid’s calling is now to help other trauma-sufferers along the road in their journey to health and vitality, and it starts with her sharing her very personal story, and years of research in her book “Half The Woman I Was”. Click here for more information.
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 HTWIW Giving Back

Sigrid proudly donates a portion of her profits from “Half The Woman I Was” to GENI: Global Energy Network International, Jim Styne’s Reach Foundation and The Smith Family’s Learning For Life project.


Sigrid de Castella – weight loss achiever, paleoish intermittent faster, adrenal fatigue recoverer, foodie, cook, writer, globetrotter & dog lover