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Yes, in addition to my web blogs I’m now on Google+, Twitter and Facebook so no matter what your Social Networking poison I’m there to keep you company and offer you little insights, tips, tricks and above all, motivation (we all need some) to help you lose weight and get healthy.

On Mondays I’ll share with you an interesting Food Fact. On Tuesdays I’ll help you to Get Active. Wednesday is is hump day and the perfect opportunity to Get Organised and before more efficient. On Thursdays we Fight Fat! And on Fridays we’re all about creating and maintaining Healthy Habits.

The weekend is no time to slack off either. Saturdays is Barnacle Busters Day where I’ll remind you to complete a task to clear those blockages in the way of your goals. And Sunday is my Words of Wisdom. Plus each morning I’ll give you a word for the day and each night I’ll share with you a final thought for the day.

So pick your poison, become a fan, retweet or reply or create a circle and get involved!